It is not uncommon for a business owner that is looking to grow their business to need some form of outside financing. The problem is that banks make obtaining that financing a very difficult and complicated process. Even when you jump through all of the hoops they throw at you, most of the time their answer is no.

Let Shurek Accounting & Tax create a loan proposal package for your business that will help speed the process along by giving the bank the information they want right away instead of giving them piece-by-piece information that slows down the process.

Our loan proposal package includes:

  • Executive Summary: This is where we precisely state the purpose of the funds being applied for, give a brief description of how they will be spent  and indicate the exact amount of financing required.
  • Pro-Forma Cash Budgets and Financial Statements: We will make some financial projections that will take into account the additional financing and prepare the information in a manner that your bank/financial institution can easily read and understand.
  • Personal Financial Statements for all Owners: We will prepare a personal financial statement for all owners that will be co-signing for the additional financing and include copies of the previous three years personal tax returns.  A brief description of any collateral being pledged to secure the additional funding will be included as well.
  • Representation: By speaking to the bank/financial institution on your behalf and fielding any questions they have during the application process, we can supply any additional information needed in a timely manner while continually substantiating your financial need and position.