Shurek Accounting and Tax offers you the convenience of focusing your time where it is needed most, on the daily running of your business. Let our professionals handle the time consuming day-to-day tasks of filing and tracking your payroll.

Each payroll processed includes:

  1. Paycheck Processing-just supply us with the names, hours, salary, etc. and we do rest
  2. Summary Sheet-details on how much is needed to cover payroll and payroll taxes for the period
  3. Check Reconciliation-detailed listing of all checks and direct deposits that will be processed
  4. Year-to-Date Payroll Register-every payroll processed includes a year-to-date summary for your tracking needs
  5. Tax Report-lists the payroll tax liability for the period including all federal and state withholding
  6. Input Worksheet-customized sheet for your organization that makes supplying the next payroll information a process that can be accomplished in minutes

Our Complete Payroll Package also includes:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Tax filing on your behalf
  • Quarterly Payroll Tax return processing
  • W-2 Preparation