Everyone dreams about it at one point in their life, owning their own business where they call the shots and make all of the decisions. Nobody to stop you from doing what you want and what you think will bring success.

Owning a business and working for yourself can be one of the best ways to obtain wealth in our society. The only problem is that a lot of entrepreneurs do not understand all of the steps necessary to set up a successful company. Without a proper plan in place and without the right guidance many new businesses will fail within the first two years.

We can offer you advice and assistance every step of the way when starting your own business.

Our services in this area include:

  • Assisting you in preparing a business plan in order to help you strategically plan your advertising, financial and management plans.
  • Calculating your initial investment needed to run the business for the first six months after inception.
  • Help with identifying potential sources of start-up capital and assistance dealing with lenders to make the loan process a smooth one.
  • Recommending a business structure (LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation or Partnership) that matches your particular situation based on tax advantages and disadvantages, ease of operation and legal exposure.
  • Assistance in selecting the best computer software to help run your business smoothly on a day-to-day basis.
  • Analyzing your cash needs for the first three years of operation in order to develop a cash-flow projection based on your estimated sales.  Lack of cash flow can be a killer of any good business.
  • Advising you on collection and billing procedures that will help you maximize your monthly cash flow.
  • Initiating all filings necessary with federal and state governments, as well as the Internal Revenue Service and any necessary taxing authorities to make sure that your firm is in complete compliance from the moment you open your doors.