Failing to remit your Sales and Use Tax payments on a timely basis will cost you additional interest and fines. Failing to pay your Sales and Use Tax all together can land you in prison!

The State of Georgia has declared the non-payment of sales tax that has been collected from clients a felony. This is money that belongs to the state department of revenue. They count on these funds to help fund various government programs.

Let us help you make this process easier while staying in full compliance. We will set up a sales tax account for you with the State of Georgia and any other principalities that you operate in. We can set up your computer software to charge the correct amount of sales tax every time that you issue a sales invoice.

In addition, we will contact you during the first few days of every month to remind you to send us your sales tax summary information so we can prepare your monthly sales tax reports for the state. Also included in our services is e-filing of your sales tax return and electronic payment processing.

Help us help you avoid unnecessary penalties, interest, fines and liens/levies. Contact us today to get your sales tax account set up so you can always be in full compliance and not have to worry about the state taxing authorities coming after you.

Georgia Sales Tax Rates by County as of January 1, 2015