When most small business owners start out, they do it all. Selling the business, producing the product sold or performing the service provided, answering the phones and handling the finances. The business can only grow to a certain point until all of a sudden, there is no time for one person to handle all of the responsibilities.

We are here to assist you when you get to this point because you should be spending your time selling and growing your business. Every minute you spend maintaining your books and financial records is another minute that you are not selling your product or service. Shouldn’t you spend your time where it will benefit you most?

We offer complete accounting and bookkeeping solutions. No situation is considered too small for us.

On a monthly or quarterly basis, we can provide the following services:

  • Reconcile your bank accounts
  • Update and maintain your general ledger
  • Prepare monthly or quarterly financial statements to help you monitor the financial performance of your business
  • Analyze the results to make sure that costs are stable and identify areas for improvement
  • Prepare monthly or quarterly tax filings and keep your business in compliance with all taxing authorities

Sure, you could come see us in January when you are ready to file your taxes for the year, but you wouldn’t really be allowing us to do our best job for you. If you maintain and monitor your financial performance during the year rather than after it is over, we can identify tax-saving strategies that your business can take advantage of before the year is over and it is too late.