When it comes to preparing and filing taxes for your business, there is no question that this task is best left in the hands of a professional.  There are so many tax laws and loopholes that can be involved in the preparation of a business tax return that you need someone that knows how to maximize your deductions and lower your taxable income and in turn, your taxes.

We will:

  • Review your books and records to verify their accuracy, this could involve us moving some entries around to better classify them or to better benefit you when considering the tax effects
  • Attempt to identify any missed expenses or deductions that would reduce your taxable income
  • Identify any potential IRS audit triggers and verify that the proper backup and documentation is in place should a question arise after the filing of the year-end tax return
  • Prepare your year-end Federal and State tax returns and provide all shareholders with personal copies
  • Prepare year-end financial statements for your reference and for your use in case you should need them for future business matters
  • Of course, we are also available to help you catch up on your books if you are behind, please see our small business accounting service page for more details of what we can do for you on a regular basis

Please contact someone at our firm today to set up an appointment for a FREE consultation to discuss your current and future business needs.  We will even review your prior two years’ returns for no charge to see if there were any deductions that were missed.  Who knows, we might even find some extra money to put into your pocket!